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A Better Future For Your Business


BOSS Optimization Service professionals use a process-driven approach to quickly assess a distressed company's situation in order to offer clear recommendations on the best course of action.

We start by quickly assessing the business and obtaining a detailed understanding of business operations and financial performance, which provides a rapid, factual assessment of the current situation, including a review of cash flow, debt service capacity, capital structure, products, services, operations, reporting systems and controls as well as the management team capabilities. As part of this assessment we build a detailed forecast to provide management with the visibility of what the business will achieve following our execution to our business optimization plan of attack. The forecast is key to focusing the efforts and vision on a better future and a stronger more optimal business.

The next phase is to execute on the Optimization Plan, which often involves re-engineering the company's processes and optimizing its operations. To obtain optimal results, our Business Optimization specialists assume key managerial roles within the company for the term of the Optimization Plan. We act as management's agent to attend to the vital aspects of the business including cash flow, bank and creditor relationships, information system design and implementation, and vendor and employee relations.

Our Business Optimization specialists are experienced in working with your creditors to build a partnership focused on the success of the business. It is our belief that you can accomplish more through building a partnership with your creditors focused on a mutual commitment to the success of the business then by seeking bankruptcy protection. We ask creditors to make sacrifices to avoid the need for bankruptcy. Management, shareholders, employees, vendors and creditors all emerge stronger as they have all taken an important role in the success of the Optimization Plan.

Following the execution to the plan we will work with management to ensure that they have a detailed understanding of the operating systems as well as policies and procedures to ensure on-going success across all critical aspects of the business. We will also ensure a smooth transition plan to ensure the business will continue to prosper following our departure.

Your challenge is our passion and we look forward to working with you to build a better future for your business. The following lists the various Optimization Plans we focus on:

  • Turnaround Management
  • Operational and Financial Management
  • Vendor Alignment and Negotiation
  • Cost Restructuring
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Process Analysis and System Implementation

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