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About BOSS Corporation

The professionals at BOSS are experts at supporting management teams facing business challenges resulting from market instability, significant business downturn, bankruptcy, capital constraints, and integration challenges associated with a merger or acquisition.


Join The BOSS Team
We're always looking for talented, passionate individuals that desire to make an impact.

A Better Future For Your Business


BOSS Optimization Service professionals use a process-driven approach to quickly assess a distressed company's situation in order to offer clear recommendations on the best course of action.

Capitalizing On Intended Synergies


BOSS becomes a critical advisor to management in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions from due diligence to post acquisition integration and business optimization.

Identifying Risks & Optimizing Outcomes


The professionals at BOSS are able to rapidly identify an underperforming company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks.

Trusted Advisor In Critical Times


Our depth of knowledge and experience are key to orchestrating a successful turnaround. We bring credibility to the reorganization plan and can provide transparency and visibility for all stakeholders.

Ensuring The Best Outcome for Creditors


Due to our experience in optimizing business operations and orchestrating corporate turnarounds, we provide a critical perspective in assessing the feasibility of the Reorganization Plan.