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Capitalizing On Intended Synergies


BOSS becomes a critical advisor to management in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions from due diligence to post acquisition integration and business optimization.

There are many strategic and synergistic reasons supporting the strategy of a business to embark on acquiring a specific target. The success of a transaction is measured in the months and years to follow and our professionals are experienced in delivering upon the integration strategy to deliver results contemplated in the overall transaction structure. While management is inundated with priorities and demands of the day-to-day operations, prioritizing and tracking the integration effort is both time-consuming and challenging. Acquisitions most often fail because merged companies fall short of a successful integration.

Our professionals are skilled in leading and facilitating integration management, whether it be financial, operating systems, logistics or culture. We work to accomplish synergies and economic objectives by planning and then leading the integration effort. By providing hands-on guidance throughout the process of an organizational transformation, our professionals will create a strategic plan that maximizes the value of your merger or acquisition.

Our Transactional Services include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory
  • Due Diligence and Issue Assessment
  • Post Merger Integration and Optimization

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